Mistress Wild Iris

PREMIER holistic DOMINATRIX based in the SF BAY AREA


TO BOOK, Fill out the Session Request Form on this website. This form is secure and I will respond to you shortly by email.


For questions related to my offerings, EMAIL ME directly at I will reply at my earliest convenience. I much prefer email to phone communication and only give my phone number to clients once the booking is complete to facilitate day-of correspondence. I do not offer phone sessions or phone consultations so please refrain from asking. 


Once a time and date is agreed-upon, sessions for new clients are secured with a DEPOSIT of $50/session-hour (i.e. $50 for one hour, $100 for two hours, etc.) to be sent via PayPal or sent by gift card to If the session needs to be rescheduled, the deposit is transferred to the next date. The deposit is both non-transferrable and non-refundable within 24 hours of the session.


GIFT CARDS are available. Inquire by email about purchasing a session for a friend or loved one via gift card. Same session rates apply for Gift Cards.


*Incall and Outcall Rates are the Same*

1 Hour Session (minimum session length) $300 plus $50 deposit for $350 total

1 & 1/2 Hour Session $450 plus $75 deposit for $525 total

Two Hour Session $550 plus $100 deposit for $650 total

* Each Additional Hour Beyond Two Hours $300, including $50/hr deposit *

Brown Showers available for an additional $75/session

phone/Distance training

I have honey lips when it comes to putting shape to the void. Do you want to have a session with me yet are too far away to make an in-person scene feasible? Phone sessions are one of my favorite ways to dive in deep and become connected across distances. 

Tribute: 30 minutes $150; $225/hour; $100/each additional half hour.

To book, submit details of your desired session via My Session Request Form. I will respond to confirm the time that works for me to talk. The session will be paid for in full via PayPal or Amazon gift card prior to talking. Once I receive your tribute, I will send further details of how to prepare for the call.

Tribute for a phone session is non-refundable. Sessions rescheduled within 24 hours notice are subject to the forfeiture of your tribute.

 I will expect your call promptly at the scheduled time. Ten minutes late and your session is considered a "no-show" and your tribute is lost.

If you wish to gift above and beyond tribute, my wishlist will give you some ideas. I do so adore a fine chocolate; ask me for my address to send me a box of my favorites.


 I host Incall sessions at The Black Thorn in Oakland - a lovely & discreet Victorian house dungeon in a peaceful residential neighborhood. 

I love to travel and will gladly take outcall sessions in which I travel to your location. If the Outcall is within the Greater Bay Area, no space rental fee is incurred for these sessions; however, note that if  travel is to San Jose or further south or to Marin or further North, Travel Allowance of $100 is added to the total tribute. If you choose to send a Lyft or Uber to take me from the East Bay to you, the travel fee is waived.

regarding tribute

I prepare for my sessions both mentally and physically, creating space in my calendar and heart to be fully present with you. Many comment on the penetrating presence I exhibit in life, and it is with pleasure that I offer this to you during our session. This said, my time is valuable and I request a tribute that honors this. Negotiation of this tribute is something that does not interest me and attempt to do so will mark my interaction with you. I love to play and thank you for the opportunity to host this magical space.


I take sessions seven days a week between 9am-9pm with at least 24 hours-advance notice. I RARELY take same-day sessions, so best to book in advance. 

My company is in high demand and my schedule fills quickly; it is advisable to request your session as soon as possible.

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