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Are you ready to have your body adored, explored, and awakened? To quietly discover new parts of yourself in ways you never considered accessible? Together we will tread lightly and lean deeply into high-potency points on your body to encourage energy release. We will attune to how the energy of your body wants to move and give it precisely the attention needed to evoke its flow. What results is a release begins with the physical and transcends all layers of the self.

If you’re ready to move forward with booking your session, please fill out the Session Request Form at the bottom of this page. This form is secure and I will respond to you shortly by email. Please NOTEI am rarely able to accommodate same-day sessions; it’s worth asking, but it’s advisable to ask in advance.


For questions related to my offerings: except for up to date availability, all the answers to the questions you will have are on my wesite. Next, fill out the session request form. If you have questions that can't be answered by reading this site, email me directly at mistresswildiris@protonmail.com. I will reply at my earliest convenience. I much prefer email to phone communication. If your scenario is complex and needs phone communication to convey the necessary details, let me know and we can arrange a call at $50/15 minutes.


Once a time and date is agreed-upon, sessions for new clients are secured with a DEPOSIT of $50/session-hour (i.e. $50 for one hour, $100 for two hours, etc.) to be sent via Venmo @WildIris or sent by Etsy gift card to mistresswildiris @ protonmail.com. If deposit needs to be completely anonymous (I understand), please purchase an Amazon gift card at your local drug store, scratch off the silver bar on the back, and send me a picture of the code. Upon receipt of this picture, I will book our session. 

TRIBUTE FOR sensual & kinky MASSAGE

Incall and Outcall Rates are the Same; Some Outcall Subject to Travel Expense Depending on Location. See Below for Details 


1 Hour Session (minimum session length) $300 plus $50 deposit for $350 total

1 & 1/2 Hour Session $450 plus $75 deposit for $525 total

Two Hour Session $600 plus $100 deposit for $700 total

Each additional hour $350, including $50/hr deposit

Couple Massage $450/hour


Outcall - These special sessions where I come to you incur a flat additional $50 if within San Francisco or East Bay; additional $100 if session is in San Jose or further south, or Marin County or further north. When I am traveling, outcall is an additional $100, unless your place is within short-walking distance of my hotel. 


 I host Incall sessions at The Black Thorn complex in Oakland - most typically in The Sacred Muse dungeon, and occasionally in The Attic. The Black Thorn is comprised of a lovely & discreet Victorian house dungeon and converted horse carriage-stable in a peaceful residential neighborhood. 

I love to travel and will gladly take outcall sessions in which I travel to your location. If the Outcall is within the Greater Bay Area, no space rental fee is incurred for these sessions; however, note that if travel is to San Jose or further south or to Marin County or further North, Travel Allowance of $100 is added to the total tribute. If you choose to send a Lyft to take me from the East Bay to you, the travel fee is waived.


I prepare for my sessions both mentally and physically, creating space in my calendar and heart to be fully present with you. Many comment on the penetrating presence I exhibit in life, and it is with pleasure that I offer this to you during our session. This said, my time is valuable and I request a tribute that honors this. Negotiation of this tribute is something that does not interest me and attempt to do so will mar my interaction with you. I love to play and thank you for the opportunity to host this magical space.


I understand that things happen and that occasionally we need to arrive late. This said, time-wise, sessions start and end at the before-agreed upon time regardless your arrival time. Please take all measures necessary to arrive on time. Thank you. 

rescheduling & cancellation policies


If the session needs to be rescheduled, deposit may be transferred to the next date if the session is rescheduled with greater than 48 hours notice. The deposit is both non-refundable and non-transferrable within 48 hours of the session. Once issued deposits will not be refunded; do not ask.


Sessions rescheduled with greater than 48 hours notice can have the deposit transferred to the subsequent session provided the session is within one month/30 days. Sessions cancelled or “no-show” within 48 hours notice are subject to a charge of half the session total, to be paid immediately via electronic transfer. Full tribute is also required upon booking for subsequent session (or more if I deem necessary).


I take sessions seven days a week between 9am-9pm with at least 24 hours-advance notice. I do not take same-day sessions, so it is best to book in advance. 

My company is in high demand and my schedule tends to run full; it is advisable to request your session as soon as possible.

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Sessions are written in Pen in my calendar once a deposit is received; until this point, the session is considered un-confirmed. A deposit of $50/session-hour is required for all first time clients, and if cancellation/rescheduling becomes an issue, it will be required for subsequent sessions. This deposit is non-refundable once issued, and non-transferable if the session is cancelled or rescheduled within 24 hours of the session. It can be paid by Venmo, Amazon gift card, or as a gift card to any of the below-listed sources. Note below which source you will utilize to provide deposit. All gift cards can be addressed to Wild Iris and sent to mistresswildiris@gmail.com Sessions must be scheduled with at least a day's notice. Requests for same-day sessions will be met with a "No;" this is not my favorite word -- please do not make me say it to you. Repeat requests for same-day sessions will result in my blocking you as a contact. Please be respectful of my time - thank you! Deposit will be deducted from the final tribute; the remainder of the tribute can be presented at the time we meet.
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