Mistress Wild Iris

PREMIER holistic DOMINATRIX based in the SF BAY AREA



Tease and Denial

Tantric Massage

Body Worship - Foot (Size 11), Ass, Breast - No Worship of Any Area Otherwise Covered by a Thong.

Anal Play on You, including Strap-On & P-Massage

Yoni Massage (for female-bodied)

Long Distance/Phone Training


Slave & Pet Training - Are you ready to dedicate your all to brilliance in my name?

Role Play – I Love the psychological exploration of the most secret fantasies. What's the scenario you're dying to enact? 

Cross Dressing & Sissy Boy Humiliation

Small Penis Humiliation & Verbal Abuse

Wrestling - This can be both playful and competitive. I am formally trained in wrestling and hold a black belt in Kempo Martial Arts

Service Domination

Financial Domination

Fantasy Cuckolding

Forced & Ruined Masturbation

Showers – G/s & B/s & FTT

Smothering, Breath Play, and Face-sitting with my Plump Jiggly Ass & Breasts. Note that with Face-sitting I do not allow pussy or rosebud worship.


Bondage - You may resist at first, till you realize the ecstasy of surrender

Electric play with the E-Stim - I have quite a spectrum of implements with which to bring you sizzling pleasure. 

Corporal Punishment & Physical Impact Play - with Body and Implements

Cock & Ball Torture (CBT) and ball busting!

Nipple Play and Torture; Clothespin Play

Flogging, Caning, Spanking

Torture with Stinging Nettles, Ginger, Cayenne & Natural World Implements

Elemental Play – Wax & Ice

Smoking Fetish (My Herbal Cigarettes Only – Requires 24 hour notice so I can assemble custom smoking blend)


New Fetishes I have not yet explored. Tantalize me.


These are firm - any violation of my limits will result in immediate termination of the session without refund of tribute. Limits include:

  • No kissing of any kind on the lips.

  • Do not attempt to put anything in my mouth, including fingers or toys.

  • No touching of anything on my body otherwise covered by a thong, regardless how many layers of clothing I am wearing.

  • Do not rub your body against mine; if you do this, I will be neither turned on nor amused.

  • If you wish to take poppers during session, I will need this to be announced pre-session or during negotiation so that I can set up proper ventilation. I am not interested in inhaling popper fumes.

With my boundaries respected, I am a very well-pleased dominatrix. It is essential that we be on the same page so that we can play fully and freely; to ensure this, we will have a negotiation pre-scene during which boundaries for us both are reiterated and safe word are established.

While this thankfully has not happened, I reserve the right to terminate the session without refund if my boundaries are violated in any way.