Mistress Wild Iris

PREMIER holistic DOMINATRIX based in the SF BAY AREA


I am a hedonistic sensual sadist with a wickedly delicious imagination. My fascinations span quite a range and my specialties include anal play, showers of all types, and goddess worship. My body is sensitive and highly attuned to subtle energies and I feed it the best food available to keep it running at brilliant vibrancy. Accordingly, I am very healthy in both mind and body - a service I offer to myself and my clients. Showers with me are safe and dare I say delicious with my caffeine-free, all-organic, vegetable-rich diet. I delight in living this way and being able to share the bounty with you. 

My body loves to be held, touched, caressed, and kissed. I enjoy goddess worship (that does not include areas typically covered by a thong) of my luscious Amazonian body, delightful breasts, juicy ass, long size 11 high-arched feet, and boot. How I love to witness the building of your anticipation to adore my body. Tease and denial is also one of my specialties. Can you stand the mounting of your desire? Can you contain yourself as you witness my explosive toy show? 

It is a pleasure for me to explore your sensitive body, both externally and deep in otherwise discreet crevices. I love anal play, both p-massage and strap-on, and experience quite the delight in witnessing your ecstatic release. Oh my sweet little bitch, you are too cute in your slutty ways. 

I am personally a bit of a pain slut and when given the opportunity, adore milking this in my clients. Punishments can range from the delicate nipple torture to the more acute - you name it, I love it. Indulge me.





Tantric Massage

Sensual Domination

Toy Shows

Tease and Denial



Slave & Puppy Training. Are you ready to dedicate your all to brilliance in my name?

Role Play – I Love the Psychological Exploration of Scenario-Enactment

Mommy, Pet Trainer, Boss, Teacher, Warden, Interrogator ... To Name a Few

Cross Dressing & Sissy Boy Humiliation

Health Coach Domination – I Will Hold You to Your Highest Self

Small Penis Humiliation & Verbal Abuse

Fantasy Consensual Blackmail

Wrestling: I am formally trained and have over a year of experience with other women and male clients

Service Domination

Financial Domination


Forced & Ruined Masturbation

Showers – Golden, Crimson, & Brown & Full Toilet Training

Smothering, Breath Play, and Facesitting with my Plump Jiggly Ass & Breasts

Couple Training


S & M

Light Bondage; You may resist at first, till you realize the ecstasy of surrender

Corporal Punishment & Physical Impact Play with Body and Implements

Cock & Ball Torture (CBT)

Flogging, Caning, Spanking, Human Punching Bag

Electrical Play

Torture with Stinging Nettles, Ginger, Cayenne & Natural World Implements

Elemental Play – Wax & Ice

Clothespin Play

Smoking Fetish (My Herbal Cigarettes Only – Requires 24 hour notice)


New Fetishes I have not yet explored. Tantalize me.