Mistress Wild Iris

PREMIER holistic DOMINATRIX based in the SF BAY AREA

Hello My Pet. 

I love surprises. Especially when they come enclosed in a little box with my name on it. If you would like to make me smile from the comfort of your home, see my wishlist for sure-fire suggestions on how to make this happen.

Gift cards can be addressed to Mistress Wild Iris and sent to MistressWildIris@gmail.com. I love to support the following outlets with my purchases. 


For clothing to drape my body: 


Agent Provocateur

Ritual Fashion

To continuously uplevel My Lifestyle: 

Good Eggs

If you wish to purchase something specific, please see My Wishlist for items I adore.



My Measurements

Shoe Size 11 / 42

Lingerie 34B or 36A

Panties size Large

Dress size 6 or Small, unless it's very short, then size Medium

Tops size small

Pants size Large

42 Hip || 29 Waist || 35 Bust

oxo Iris