Mistress Wild Iris





What a treat to dive into delicious body bliss with you. Giving full body sensual massage is one of my favorite experiences - getting to drop into my body as I find my way around yours is profoundly connective and a delight for me. 

My style of FBSM is tantric by nature as I work with you to build ecstatic sensation in your body via breath work and intuitive touch. My hands are strong and my perception of your body's energy is equally tuned-in. Together we breathe rhythmically as my hands go deep into your muscles to release stored tension. Upon release of locked energy, I work with the technique of ASMR* to tickle the nervous system into releasing this energy fully from your body. 

*Autonomous sensory meridian response - or the tingling and sense of deep relaxation that is experienced when light sensation is applied to the body. 


For those of you more inclined to explore the recesses of your heart, body, and psyche through kinky play, I am here to guide you down the rabbit hole and around the wild party on the other side. I get so much pleasure in exploring the secret garden of your deepest fantasies. Truly, there is so much brilliant, exotic life in this place, and being a part of nourishing it brings me enormous satisfaction. Great energetic relief can come upon the exploration of these places, making FBSM & kinky massage a very natural method to evoke stored emotion and release it. While there is a limitless sky of activities to incorporate into the massage, a few of my favorites include: 

Bondage massage

Electrical Play

Smothering & Breath Play

Sensual Sensory Play (fur, ice, ASMR)

Pain Sensory Play (pinwheel, spanking, face-slapping)

What would you like to experience together?

Book by filling out the Session Request Form. 


These are firm - any violation of my limits will result in immediate termination of the session without refund of tribute. Limits include:

  • No kissing of any kind on the lips.

  • No sex.

  • Do not attempt to put anything in my mouth, including fingers or toys.

  • Do not rub your body against mine; if you do this, I will be neither turned on nor amused.

With my boundaries respected, I am a very well-pleased sensual masseuse. It is essential that we be on the same page so that we can play fully and freely; to ensure this, we will have a negotiation pre-scene during which boundaries for us both are reiterated and safe word are established.

While this thankfully has not happened, I reserve the right to terminate the session without refund if my boundaries are violated in any way.

I have had the privileged and good fortune to experience three sessions with Iris - two were impact play and one tantric massage.

The most important part of the tantric session is the communication before hand.  During this conversation Iris asked me what my intention was. And I am so glad she asked me that.  It clearly is important to have an intention, or a question for yourself, something to keep coming back to in your mind.  Iris, is skilled and asking questions and is an excellent listener, ensuring you get not only what you want out of the session, but also (it seemed to me), to ensure she also could also connect with her own role and purpose.

I have had Tantra sessions before but none where the goddess embodied both a nurturing AND dominant power at the same time.  I had mentioned that I was open to being restrained, not initially but as the session progressed, if it seems right to Iris.  What she did during the body work, was to restrain me with her own limbs and body.  Her own weight and strength acting as restraints, pining me here and there in different ways as she was providing the healing touch of massage.  This was so creative! And also did not break the spell of the moment because there was no need to get up and find bonds and take the time to tie them.  She did not lose a beat in the rhythm of massage as she succeeded in giving me the feeling of being helpless to her touch.

I really really loved her choice of music: a hypnotic and powerful piano concerto fueled her energy and the moments during that hour.

My experience with Iris that day was pure art. She is an artist extraordinaire.