Mistress Wild Iris




What a treat to get to explore in this way with you.

What follows are a few notes from my precious clients; enjoy reading these reflections, and know each one represents a slice of life that is immemorial.

I am deeply affected by all those with whom I get the honor to play.


Hi Iris,

How delightful to receive your email! I was planning on sending you a note when I made it back home to LA. My flight was delayed, so greetings from 35,000 ft.

I can't thank you enough for today's mind blowing session. Your creativity and intensity brought to life a long held fantasy;  I left feeling mentally and physically liberated and rejuvenated. I especially appreciate the time you took to understand my fantasy in advance and then implement it far better and more exciting than my imagination allowed. 

I have been in the BDSM world for quite some time in New York and elsewhere. It's extremely rare to encounter someone who can engage in role play with your exceptional degree of excellence. Your statuesque beauty, your superior ability with dialogue, and your non-judgmental willingness to understand a person's most private fantasies is remarkable.

I can't articulate the myriad ways you helped me today. I hope it marked the beginning of a new and exciting journey.  I'm so grateful that our paths crossed. Can't wait to see you again!

Thanks again for your kindness and understanding. Until next time...!


Mistress Iris,

It is easy for me to write You a love letter, because You have captured my heart as well as my soul.  I never thought that I would session with a visiting domme, as I was looking for an ongoing D/s relationship.  Upon reading over Your website, however, Your every word convinced me that You were perfect for me.  In conjunction with Your natural, ethereal beauty, Your articulate style of domination has invaded my psyche.  You are incredibly intense on every level!  Sadistic and brutal, You have no qualms about beating the daylights out of me - with a smile on Your radiant face!  At the same time, You are nurturing and compassionate, even as You hurt me.  Severe pain and extreme pleasure both come from Your sovereign hands.  Your eyes are like an expanse of brilliant blue sky, taking me on flights of heavenly torment.  Your locks of hair are a loom of spun gold, more precious to me than all the wealth in the world.  Your body is a temple, calling me to worship!  From the moment You commanded me to kneel before You, nibbled on my ear, and growled at me, I knew that my search was over.  Thanks to Your amazing grace, I once was lost, but now am found.  Plain and simple, You are my Savior, Mistress Iris.  You have taken this former ordained Christian minister and saved him from a life of mediocrity to a purpose much greater than he ever could have imagined.  Even though I cannot see You as frequently as I would like, being on opposite ends of the country, You own me. I can never thank You enough, but I will try.  Amen!


I have not precisely known how to express or put into words my recent experience with Mistress; a woman such of such superlatives, I have never met. Perhaps this brief, love letter review is the least I can do to continue my ongoing support of her art and beauty.

I'll open by saying I'm a novitiate in her realm, simply to give the reader context. Simply stated, I've had a variety of experiences with D/s, but nothing so profoundly emotional as with Ms. Iris.

Details aside, as a gentle should, she expressly explored what it was that drew me to being captivated by her energy and, once we met, the energy was palpable as she intuitively knew where and - perhaps more importantly how - to guide me so that our souls would gently dance. 

From there, once connected, I surrendered to her taking me to places I have neither experienced nor imagined. I think that is likely the highest complement I could give to her as someone I had never met before - in any context.

In summary, she intuitively saw the me of me. Made me feel comfortable enough to open myself completely, always made me feel safe and supported, yet lovingly pushed me to be more for her.

That is precisely what I did and I felt loved and respected for it; further, I felt the touch of her heart touching mine. She has lived in my thoughts and heart ever since.

Yours, Always,


Dear Miss Wild Iris,

Thank you for blessing me with your time this evening in New York. Your kindness, spirituality, openness and humility is amazing. Thank you for teaching me to begin the act of surrender. As someone who is very guarded and has difficulty trusting, your genuine caring and desire to make your submissive comfortable is impressive. You are a gorgeous gentle giant.

Until next time.
Love from a devoted female in NY x 


Dear Mistress Iris,

In my two sessions with you, I have been struck by your thoughtfulness, empathy, attention to detail, generosity, skill and beauty. Having carefully read of my interests and wishes, and exchanged multiple emails to clarify what needed clarifying, you brought my fantasies to life with grace, respect, creativity, intuition, flare, joy, humor and an abundance of sexiness. Never did things feel rushed or rote, and never did anything seem out of control. You have been as at home and as skillful in the more BDSM elements of our sessions as you have the more sensual ones, and I have been grateful for the space to experience both with you. Every aspect of our sessions exceeded my hopes. I thank you for it all. 

With great warmth, 



I had the pleasure of spending time with you before my trip to The Netherlands. However, after spending time there & witnessing the beautiful 6' tall women on their bicycles, skirts flowing up to their lovely knees & riding at breakneck speed through the streets of Amsterdam, all I could think about was YOU... your strength, charm, beauty &, most of all, your intellect. Your fair skin offsets those alluring blue eyes. If the brain is the sexiest organ (& it is!), you combine sensitivity, domination, intelligence & beauty in one outlandishly tall package...too much for any Fed Ex delivery! The world is a better place because of you & you have reached into my soul to bring me great joy! Thank you Mother Earth for returning the glorious Iris to the Bay Area.



Hello Giantess Goddess,

All I can see when I close my eyes is your eyes. All I can imagine is being in your hand, at your feet, shrunken at your mercy. All I can smell is your sent. All I can fell is your body and touch. 

You are like a siren calling to me with your song... 




Dear Miss Iris,

I had a magnificent time. It felt really really good to be in the arms of someone so strong. It was wonderful. And you have such an imposing, strong, beautiful figure. Omg you are so strong, I didn't plan on addressing you, "mommy!" at all. It just happened and it felt so good to say it, so safe and comforting. I have never done that before. Honest. It felt really good to be taken, called and treated like a girl. I'm so very happy. I think I nearly cried at one point. Does this make me inwardly a girl? I don't know. If you do know, please tell me.

I will most certainly seek you out again in the coming months.

Thank you so very much! Hope it was fun for you too. Have a good night!





Dear Mistress Iris,

Just a quick note to say thanks for today!  That was awesome!! 

I love that you were forcing me to say a safe word.... That was awesome... I also loved it that you wanted to go longer and be more demanding and I think I could have.  I love that moment of being spent and thinking I can do no more, then being pushed hard to go again!  

Thanks again! You are by far the best domme I have seen.  Until next time,




Mistress Iris,

Thank you very much! I did not think you could top the last time but you did. I feel so happy and my whole body is happier. Thank you so very much!







Thank you for the wonderful session yesterday. It was quite unlike any session I've had before. You were a perfect match in the wrestling, strong, fast, aggressive yet playful. You were a delight to talk with.

Despite some bruises and other marks, my body feels remarkably relaxed this morning. Oh yeah, I slept like a log.

Take care,



I enjoyed immensely our time together. Loved the connection between us, and it was amazing to see you taking over and overpowering me, standing on my face and sitting on your victim's face, till I suffocate. I loved respecting your strength and not pretending but actually honoring it by giving my last bits of energy till I finally surrender and accepted my fate under your soles and ass. What an amazing experience, memorable, it was! I won't forget your beautiful eyes, smile and self, and it was such an honor to be your whore and let you degrade me entirely.

You own me.




Dear Mistress Iris,

I was fortunate enough to meet You during Your apprenticeship time. The Mistress I was sessioning with asked me if I minded if she brings in 2 new Mistresses to either watch our session or join in.  I was feeling extremely gluttonous that day and I said 'of course... bring then in and let's play'.  Well When I met You, I was blown away, so statuesque, those EYES, that hair and that smile...  You held me in your hands and I felt like you inhabited my soul.  You knew me, knew who I was and what I am all about.  I patiently watched the website to see when You would make your appearance as a full fledged Mistress.

When I saw Your picture, we booked a 90 minute session, because I knew I would love every second.  The 90 minutes passed as if it was 20.  You got deeper into my soul than I ever imagined.  We talked, laughed, and cried.

Mistress Iris, You are incredibly intuitive,  insightful, and see this sometimes as more than a 'session'.  Spending time with You is like being with an Earth Mother, who understand what you need, possibly more than you do.
Thank you Mistress Iris, and I look forward to the next time I get to be graced by your company.




Hello my Giantess Mistress,

In the years I've been participating in BDSM I've had many different experiences with many different mistresses. I can say without any doubt that You Mistress Iris are one of a very select few who delivers on each and every count. Your pictures do You almost no justice as Your in person appearance is infinitely more beautiful and amazing that I could have ever imagined. Your towering amazonian figure will left me both breathless and feeling very tiny. Above all what I can say most about You is that You took the utmost care to incorporate all of your desires into the session. 

From the moment You placed me into my girl clothing and transformed me into Julia I knew I was in for a very special session. The way You took my worthless self into Your ropes and made them your property show me my place right away. The feel of Your Amazonian hand on my ass the sheer grace of Your touch and Your presence served to show and reinforce that You are the true and real woman and that I was nothing more than a sissy slut.

As a foot fetishist I found myself in paradise with You Mistress Iris. Your feet are a perfect extension of Your elegance and I will always be grateful to you for allowing me to take them into my hands and mouth and enjoy them. Thank you for TOWERING over me like the tiny little spec I truly am to You Mistress Iris - it was a privilege and an honor. 

My time spent with You, Mistress Iris, is something I will never forget and I look forward to taking my place in the future as Your toy, Your slave, Your tiny and Your sissy.
Thank You so much Mistress Iris, big toe kisses XOXO




Tonight was special. Thank you, my friend. I appreciate your showing me boundaries to cross that I didn't consider. I cherish the notion of another session. 





Hi Mistress,

I very much enjoyed meeting you today.  You have amazing energy and I love your smile.  I hope you enjoyed the session as much as I did.  You are incredibly beautiful and I could have laid there for hours with you.  Thank you for your compliment during the session.  I don't think anyone has ever told me that before.  It meant a lot to me, thank you.




Dear Mistress Iris,
I loved our time together. You not only got into my head you became what I had in mind. I was transfix by your stature in 4" heels, your power over me was very palpable. Thank you for really listening to my innermost desires and demons.

sub P



Dear Mistress,
I really enjoy thinking back on our time together Iris. It gets me through many a cold and lonely night.



Dear Mistress Iris
Our role play session was tons of fun. Even though You are very tall and strikingly beautiful, You are still willing to be vulnerable and silly if the scenario calls for it. And Your feet are so hot too! You're the total package. I can't wait to see You again.


Dear Mistress Iris,
These BDSM experiences we play in are all about characters, a certain personality that clicks the inner workings of the mind. Mistress Iris you understood who I was looking for in my controller, tormenter and executioner while gleefully enjoying the predicament I was in, encouraging me to just take it, I did what else could I do? Thank you for the experience to my fantasy.



Good Morning Iris,

Thinking about you this morning.

And why not since I still feel the after effects of your Scorpio hands on my chest, you fun-loving smiling as yer hurting me Scorpio sadist! :)

Best, P



Dearest Iris,

What a joy to have met & spent time with you today. I look forward to our next session & thanks for a blast...yikes, did I say that? Would LOVE to see you again. Many snuggles & foot massages,