Mistress Wild Iris
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Plant Medicine

Mistress Wild Iris is a Clinical Herbalist specializing in Western Herbalism. She works with plant medicine and BDSM to evoke and help heal issues in the subconscious of her dominatrix-clientele.

IN THE REALM OF plant medicine

Mistress Wild Iris in the bones of old growth redwoods - the fertile grounds for a new grove to emerge

Mistress Wild Iris in the bones of old growth redwoods - the fertile grounds for a new grove to emerge


The work of BDSM takes place primarily in the subconscious, where memory and fantasy dance. This space can be difficult to access directly, and in our BDSM play is done by suspending reality and replacing it with a microcosmic “scene” through which we enact a facet of this void reality. Depending on how one plays, work in this realm can either drive subconscious beliefs in deeper —reinforce the groove on the record, if you will— or liberate one from the belief pattern —i.e., make a new tune.

The fruit of the subconscious is what we see in our waking life - it is how we live, how we think, how we express ourselves, what we believe to be possible, and ultimately what we make into our daily reality. We can accept our reality and our beliefs as default, or given, or we can choose to go in deeper and co-work with our subconscious to liberate our paradigm to one that allows us to experience grounded freedom in this temporary human condition.

It’s here in the dark void of the subconscious that much of the work of the plants plays out. Humanity’s co-evolution with plants is DNA-deep; our cells speak the same language, and their spirits mirror ours in magnitude. Plants are here as powerful allies in our evolution as a species, not only as materials for food, shelter, fiber, carbon sequestration, CO2—>O2 conversion, but as massive allies in our lifelong healing process. Plant medicines can be worked with in most every scenario in which we find ourselves in need of healing - from the seemingly mundane cut or bruise to systemic-level nervous system reset, digestive health building to energy and stamina, from spiritual crisis and a sense of belonging here on Earth, to sexual health rewiring. In the fertile realm of the subconscious, all is possible, and there is plant partner for every —EVERY— malady we can experience.

In our BDSM scene, much is teased and evoked. Thought patterns, emotions, beliefs about the self — all this can and will arise as we play together. Things can be set loose in the subconscious realm that will have direct and profound effects on the every day aspects of your life.

So here is the invitation…

I am a Clinical Herbalist trained in working with plant medicine to right issues from the physical to the emotional, to the spiritual, and ultimately, the whole being.